It Lives Again

After two weeks working on and off, I have completed this pet project.

What HIT Model Depot is, it’s a website that contains a wack of releases from this community and a few from abroad for Half-Life. For those that can remember AOW or Half-Replaced thats what my website here is, but for the time being just for Half-Life. The website contains at this time ~66 models to download from. I use FileFront to host my downloads for fast, and realiable downloads. I didn’t upload everything on these boards yet, simply because its going to take time, if you have a request for a file to be uploaded, email me, or put it here with a link towards the thread, or if its not on the forums, a pic and a download link with intact credits.

For those who want new content to be hosted, I offer a little Licence for you to have the choice of using. It’s called the Anti-FPSB agreement. While its no where near full proof, its an agreement that the reader has to read before downloading your content that states you don’t want to see it on FPBS. Sadly it only works for the honest people, but its better than nothing at all.

I hope you, the community member find this to be a useful resource and support its existance. If there is anyone who wants to contribute to the site, like uploading files or content, gimmie a holler. I also plan on adding a few tutorials for the newbies and learning alike.

Thanks for being a community that I am willing to do this for, the last time I made a content site was for Day of Defeat ages ago. Also, I’d love to build more community among those of us that are here, so If you have a website I will be making a button for this depot for a link exchange and I will show your button on the main page. HIT and AI’s website will be on the main page shortly if all goes well.